Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ultra Permium

How much would you pay for a nice piece of meat? Last week I was at the big Japanese market in Edgewater, New Jersey called Mitsuwa, which has adopted the strangely arousing motto "Eat Joy Feel."

There among the seaweed, tofu, shiso leaves, daikon radish, rice crackers, sushi fish and mochi cakes, were selections of meat selling for up to $100 per pound. I know, I know, that's why I'm posting photographic proof. Run that bar code if you don't believe me!

Kagoshima beef is named for a place in Japan and is a type of Wagyu, commonly known as Kobe-style beef. The cows are coddled, massaged and carefully fed, at ridiculous expense, bringing animal husbandry to the level of fetish and beyond. The final result is meat extremely marbled, tender and, as the label clearly states: PERMIUM GRADE!

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